Sleep Wrinkles

When you sleep your face is pressed into a traditional pillow. Your skin is stretched and mashed in unnatural ways for over six hours. When you wake up, your skin relaxes back into its natural shape and the sleep lines fade.

Night after night, these lines form creases - places where the skin starts to naturally fold, making the sleep lines appear in the same areas. These creases become wrinkles and deepen over time as your skin loses elasticity with age.

To keep from getting sleep wrinkles, you need to stop them from forming in the first place. You need to care for your skin as you sleep. This care goes beyond moisturizing. You need to make sure your skin isn't mashed or stretched.

Prevent Sleep Wrinkles Before They Start

How you sleep at night affects the health and appearance of your skin. The right pillow is an important part of how you sleep. The Wrinkle Prevention Pillow helps you sleep in comfortable positions protecting your face from mashing and stretching.

Your skin won't crease, sleep lines won't form, and with no sleep lines to deepen your skin won't be ravaged by sleep wrinkles.