Sleeping on Your Back
One of the goals in designing the Wrinkle Prevention Pillow is to help you learn to be more comfortable sleeping on your back. Start by placing your head in the contoured center of the pillow. You will find that you can still turn your head slightly from side to side without your face touching the pillow.

Sleeping on Your Side or Stomach
If and when you do turn on your side or stomach, position your head so that it is at the edge of the C curve of the pillow. Position the top "leg" of the pillow so it supports the top of your head, and the bottom "leg" so it supports the bottom of your chin. Memory foam is extremely pliable so you can move it around and it will adjust to fit your face and head. If you do not want the bottom leg to touch your chin or neck, you can tuck it under or move it aside.

If You Use Another Pillow Underneath
Because of the silky soft material of the pillowcase, the Wrinkle Prevention Pillow may move around during the night. If you turn the pillow over you will see that the ribbon is tied around a loop. Tie this ribbon tightly around your pillow so that it does not move.

Pillowcases: Hand wash and dry the pillowcase. The satiny material is very delicate and may snag if put in the washer or dryer.

Foam: You will see the memory foam is covered and protected by an additional cotton pillowcase. There is no reason to wash the foam.

Foam Discoloration:
If exposed to direct sunlight the gradual yellowing of foam is due to a photochemical reaction. This will occur faster in direct sunlight than artificial light. This does not affect product performance of foam longevity.