Beauty Sleep Hydration Mist

Why we want you to have one.

All day long your skin braves the elements. Wind, the sun, pollution and even air-conditioning can be damaging. Night time is when your skin can finally let down its guard and really get going on cell renewal.


  • Our unique mist is packed with soothing antioxidants Vitamin C, White Tea, plus other heavy hitters such as Co-Enzyme Q-10. These ingredients, plus its incredible light smell of lavender, keep your skin hydrated and make a powerful team when it comes to combatting the signs of aging. 
Beauty Sleep Hydration Mist
Beauty Sleep Hydration Mist $19.00

Beauty Sleep Question

Did you know that our skin retains less water and loses moisture at night? That’s why it’s crucial to use a hydrating mist before bedtime so skin will keep hydrated.