The Wrinkle Prevention Pillow combines the comfort of sleeping on a luxurious memory foam pillow and is ergonomically designed to be extremely comfortable. The pillow lifts and cradles your face so you do not develop permanent sleep lines and wrinkles on your face, neck and chest while you sleep.

Memory Foam Pillow
Dusty Rose

You can try the Wrinkle Prevention Pillow with assurance with our 14-day return policy. Our pillow is loved by our customers and has received many positive reviews.

"I sincerely recommend this innovative pillow
for anyone who wants to avoid unnecessary sleep lines and wrinkles
Martha Weinstein, owner and founder of Body Allure Day Spa

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Memory Foam Pillow (Ivory) $65.00
Memory Foam Pillow (Purple) $65.00
Memory Foam Pillow (Dusty Rose) $65.00