Anti-Aging/Face and Chest Wrinkle Prevention

  • The pillow helps to prevent eye puffiness by slightly elevating your head

  • The Wrinkle Prevention Pillow is a natural way to help prevent permanent sleep lines and wrinkles while you sleep. Its unique patented design supports and cradles your head so you can sleep in any position and your face will not smash into the pillow.

  • The pillow helps prevent chest wrinkles. The patented design of the pillow has a contoured center, which makes sleeping on your back more natural and comfortable. Sleeping on your back is the best way to prevent chest wrinkles.

  • Products will last longer and be more beneficial as they will not rub off on the pillow.

  • The Wrinkle Prevention Pillow is perfect for all skin types, and can be used by women and men.

  • The pillow helps extend the benefits of any treatment or procedure as you are not putting pressure on your face.
Hair Protection
  • The pillow has a beautiful satiny pillowcase which protects your hair from snagging and keeps it shiny. Many people do not realize that the weave of a cotton pillowcase acts like an abrasive material, catching individual stands of hair and causing them to tangle and break.

  • People with hair extensions and the Brazilian Blowout will benefit from our satiny pillowcase as well.
Eyelash Protection
  • The pillow is perfect for anyone with eyelash extensions because your eyes and lashes no longer touch the pillow. The Wrinkle Prevention Pillow is the only pillow with this contoured design which makes sleeping on your back extremely natural and comfortable, and when you turn onto your side or stomach your eyes still do not smash into the pillow, thus protecting those beautiful extensions.