Patty Colman, Beauty Sleep Expert and President of About Face Products, is very passionate about the importance of getting a good night’s sleep and the benefits that it provides. With over 15 years' experience in the field of beauty, Patty invented The Wrinkle Prevention Pillow, which launched a new category in the skincare and anti-aging industry.

Most people are surprised to learn that sleeping on your face is one of the major causes of permanent lines and wrinkles and lying flat while you sleep is a major cause of eye puffiness. (Sleeping on your face is actually the third cause after the sun and smoking.)

Patty is frequently featured in the press and has written numerous articles on the damage that sleeping on your face can cause. She is a sought out speaker for her expertise in educating the consumer on how to take control of their beauty while they sleep.

“I look at every night as an opportunity to help others feel and look more beautiful.” Ms. Colman says.  “I designed the Wrinkle Prevention Pillow to help people rest assured knowing that they no longer are causing permanent sleep wrinkles while sleeping, they are preventing them!”