Age defying Wrinkle Prevention Pillow by beauty sleep expert Patty Colman
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prevent sleep lines Prevents Sleep Lines
No longer will you have to wake up
      with sleep lines or wrinkles.


prevent chest wrinklesPrevents Chest Wrinkles
Sleeping on your back helps prevent       chest wrinkles.


prevent eye puffinessPrevents Eye Puffiness
Our Pillow slightly elevates your head       to prevent eye puffiness.


prevent hair snaggingPrevents Hair Snagging
Sleeping on cotton can pull and snag       your hair.

instruction on how to use the wrinkle prevention pillow   Beauty sleep expert Patty Colman discusses the benefits of the Wrinkle Prevention Pillow

Prevent Sleep Wrinkles

Sleep is vital to the health of your skin; however sleeping in certain positions night after night can lead to permanent sleep lines and wrinkles. With age the skin becomes thinner and loses collagen. The pressure and repetition of your face pressed into the pillow causes these creases - sleep wrinkles to take longer to disappear until ultimately they become permanent.

How Can I Prevent Wrinkles While I Sleep?

Did you know that sleeping on your face is the third cause of permanent sleep lines and wrinkles, following the sun and smoking?

The beauty of our anti-aging About Face Wrinkle Prevention Pillow is that you can sleep in any position you are most comfortable sleeping in, without your face ever touching the pillow. Some of the other anti-aging pillows force you to sleep on your back, which is uncomfortable and not natural for many of people.

How can a pillow do so much to protect wrinkles while you sleep? The answer is our anti-wrinkle memory foam pillow has a patented design and contoured center which not only protects your face, but it makes sleeping on your back easier, helps to prevent chest wrinkles, and has a slight elevation which helps to prevent eye puffiness - all while you are getting an incredible night's sleep!

Erase wrinkles while you sleepThe American Academy of Dermatogoly (AAD) cautions "sleeping in some positions night-after-nights leads to sleep lines - wrinkles that become etched into the surface of the skin and don’t dissapear once you're up." Sleeping on your side increases wrinkles on the cheeks, chest and chin, while sleeping face down gives you a furrowed brow.”

We invite you to read more about the anti-aging benefits of our Wrinkle Prevention Pillow.

  • Learn how you can wake up each morning with glowing healthy skin.
  • Discover how your products can be more effective and last longer.
  • Find out why our pillow helps to prevent eye-puffiness.

Our pillow is perfect for both women and men who care about their skin and want a natural way to protect against sleep lines while sleeping.

Don’t sleep another night on your current pillow if you want to maintain your beautiful skin and keep those sleep lines and wrinkles away!

Buy your wrinkle prevention pillow right now!